eCBSV Fees


  • Social Security is required to collect the full cost of eCBSV services.
  • Each permitted entity will be required to pay:
    1. An annual tier based subscription fee based on estimated transaction volume for the 365-day agreement period; and
    2. An administrative fee of:
      1. $3,693 start-up administrative fee for first time enrollees, or
      2. $1,691 renewal administrative fee each time the tier subscription is renewed.
  • Below is the Annual Tier Based Subscription Fee Model:
  • Tier Annual Transaction Volume Annual Fee
    1 1 to 1,000 $400
    2 1,001 to 10,000 $3,030
    3 10,001 to 200,000 $14,300
    4 200,001 to 50,000,000 $276,500
    5 50,000,001 to 2,000,000,000 $860,000
  • Fees are based on forecasted systems and operational expenses, agency oversight, overhead, and CPA audit contract costs.
  • Social Security will periodically recalculate costs to provide eCBSV services and adjust the fees charged as needed.
  • Social Security will notify enrolled permitted entities 60 days in advance of a fee adjustment, which will take effect with their next renewal or amendment. Social Security will also post the fee adjustment in the Federal Register.