The Faces and Facts of Disability

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Social Security is with you throughout life’s journey, touching the lives of nearly every American, often during times of personal hardship, transition, and uncertainty. Our programs serve as vital financial protection for working men and women, children, the disabled, and the elderly...

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60 Years of Disability Protection

The Social Security Disability Insurance program was signed into law 60 years ago. Read our blog series to learn more about how the program has evolved over the years to provide benefits and financial protection for millions of people.

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A disability could happen at any moment in our lives. Discover how Social Security's disability program has played a substantial role in supporting individuals with disabilities.

Read a blog from a Social Security beneficiary:
How I Navigated the Social Security Disability Process

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Did you know that fifty-six million Americans live with disabilities? Disability is something many read or hear about happening to others, but no one thinks will happen to them.

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Social Security has a number of useful resources for people experiencing disabilities: Apply online for benefits, planners, publications, and much more.

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