SSA-FMG Office Visitor Focus Groups

SSA Customer Focus Groups

This page is a resource for potential volunteers for Customer Focus Groups.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) and Fors Marsh Group (FMG) would like to learn about your experience with the SSA’s services since it reopened to full in-person service.

Visitors to the following SSA field offices during the period September 12, 2022, to September 23, 2022, are potentially eligible to participate in focus groups: Chicago South, IL; Cleveland, TN; Jefferson City, MO; Salem, OR; South Bronx, NY; and Tucson, AZ.  Visitors to the following SSA hearing offices during the period September 12, 2022, to September 23, 2022, are also potentially eligible to participate in the focus groups: Chattanooga, TN; Chicago, IL; and Tucson, AZ. 

FMG will contact visitors to these SSA offices by mail and phone to identify potential focus group participants. Participation in the focus groups is voluntary, and volunteers who are selected for the focus groups will be compensated for participation.

Will this affect my benefits?

No, your decision to take part in the study is voluntary. It will not affect your benefits. The information we collect is for research purposes only.

Who is Fors Marsh Group?

Fors Marsh Group began in 2002 and is located in Arlington, VA. FMG applies behavioral and data science to improve organizational processes, business solutions, and customer experiences. FMG’s goal is to help people, companies, and institutions improve decision-making to make the world a better place. Find out more about FMG at

Why are we doing this?

We are conducting customer focus groups to learn more about: (1) the quality and timing of the services you received from SSA; (2) your feedback on how SSA’s services met, or did not meet, your expectations; (3) the use of the different contact methods (e.g., in-person services, online services, telephone services, video services); and (4) your ideas on how SSA may improve services in the future.

We will use this information to identify ways that SSA may improve its services.

How long will the Customer Focus Group last?

Each focus group will last 90 minutes. An FMG expert will lead each group and guide the group discussion.  At the end of each focus group, participants will receive an electronic gift card for their participation.

Who will be selected?

Space is limited. Only volunteers who successfully meet the screening criteria may be selected to participate in these paid focus groups.

What if I want to participate and/or have more questions?

Reach out to the focus group recruitment team at to ask about completing a screening questionnaire or to ask any questions. Please do not include any personal information (SSN, date of birth, etc.) in your email.