Interventional Cooperative Agreement Program (ICAP)

ICAP allows SSA to enter into cooperative agreements to collaborate with States, private foundations, and other non-federal groups and organizations who have the interest and ability to identify, operate, and partially fund interventional research related to the Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs. SSA's demonstration authority for ICAP is derived from Section 1110 [42 U.S.C. § 1310] of the Social Security Act. ICAP is an ongoing program that will request new applications for award on a regular basis.

The research and interventions under this program will target:

  • Eliminating the structural barriers in the labor market, including for racial, ethnic, or other underserved communities, including people with disabilities, that increase the likelihood of people receiving or applying for DI or SSI benefits;
  • Promoting self-sufficiency by helping people enter, stay in, or return to the labor force, including youth;
  • Coordinating planning between private and public human services agencies to improve the administration and effectiveness the DI, SSI, and related programs;
  • Assisting claimants in underserved communities apply for or appeal decisions on claims for DI and SSI benefits; and
  • Conducting outreach to people with disabilities who are potentially eligible to receive SSI.

ICAP Round 2 Awards Announced!

On December 22, 2022, SSA made the second round of awards for the Interventional Cooperative Agreement Program (ICAP).

This year, ICAP made awards to Mathematica and Westat. Mathematica will conduct a randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of an employment intervention for youth with disabilities who are transitioning into the adult workforce. Westat will conduct a randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of combining supportive housing with Individual Placement and Support (IPS) supported employment services for recently homeless people experiencing a range of disabilities and mental health conditions.

The ICAP Round 3 Forecast is now available on! Please check it out HERE!

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