Benefit Offset Four-State Pilot


The Benefit Offset Pilot Demonstration tested a $1 reduction in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for every $2 in earnings in combination with employment supports, with the goal of helping beneficiaries with disabilities return to work.  The projects provided beneficiaries with a gradual reduction in their benefits, eliminating the normal abrupt loss of cash benefits in the SSDI program when a beneficiary works and has earnings over a specific amount.  Participants maintained ongoing eligibility for health care benefits and other supports linked to SSDI eligibility. 


Project ended December 2014.

We awarded the contract for the implementation and evaluation in 2005. Enrollment in the BOPD began in August 2005. Participation was limited to beneficiaries who receive only SSDI benefits. The National Demonstration began in 2007 and all project activities were completed in December 2014. The 4 states that participated in BOPD were Connecticut, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

State Name of Project
Connecticut  Benefits Offset Project 
Utah  Benefits Offset Project 
Vermont  Vermont Work Incentives Initiative 
Wisconsin  Pathways to Independence 

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Final reports for the individual states are below.


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