Ticket to Work Evaluation Report (February 2004)

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures.
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This report benefited greatly from the support and advice provided by our project officer, Paul O’Leary. Paul helped us frame the issues, focus the evaluation efforts, and use the many SSA data files related to the Ticket to Work program. He also provided very helpful comment on a draft of this report. Mike Scott worked tirelessly and thoroughly to develop the data files and programs used in the analysis of Ticket program participation. In addition, Miriam Loewenberg helped to with file development as part of her larger effort to create the huge longitudinal data files that will be used for the impact analysis. All of our data analysis was greatly facilitated by many SSA staff who answered our questions and provided guidance about the most appropriate data sets and variables. These staff include Linda Martin, Mary Barbour, Charlie Scott, Joel Packman, Eileen Hull, Bernie Wasiljov, John Saylor, Lou Koontz, and Michael Zambonato.

SSA staff from the Office of Operations, Office of Employment Support Programs, Office of Disability and Income Support Programs, and Office of Legislative Communications and Affairs provided detailed comments on a draft of this report. They were particularly helpful in ensuring that we correctly described Ticket to Work policies and regulations.

The project also received useful advice and insightful comments from the project’s Technical Evaluation Support Group whose members include the following:
  • Evelyn Brodkin (University of Chicago)
  • Jeff Funk (Social Security Administration)
  • Claire Ghiloni (Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission)
  • Bill Kalsbeek (University of North Carolina)
  • James Lepkowski (University of Michigan)
  • Arthur Meltzer (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
  • Marcia Meyers (University of Washington)
  • Chuck Michalopoulos (Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation)
  • John Miller (AHEDD)
  • Larry Orr (Abt Associates, Inc.)
  • Jenn Rigger (Rehabilitation Services Administration)
  • Mark Shroder (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Finally, we want to thank all the people who provided the implementation and operational information we used to develop this evaluation report, including staff from the SSA central, regional, and field offices, from the Ticket to Work Program Manager, and from the eight experienced employment networks whose experiences are presented in this report.