Ticket to Work Evaluation Report (February 2004)

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures.
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ABIL: Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (one of the case study ENs)

AIDS: Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

AWICs: Area Work Incentive Coordinators

AOI: Adequacy of Incentives

BPAO: Benefits Planning, Assistance, and Outreach

CDR: Continuing Disability Review

CDRCF: Continuing Disability Review Control File

DCF: Disability Control File

DoL: U. S. Department of Labor

DI: Social Security Disability Insurance (Title II of the Social Security Act)

CCSA: Career Consulting Services of America (one of the case study ENs)

CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

DRS: Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (one of the case study ENs)

EARN: Employer Assistance Referral Network

EES: Employment and Employer Services (one of the case study ENs)

EN: Employment Network (we use this term to refer to providers who are paid under one of the two new TTW payment systems)

HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus

IDR: Integrated Disability Resources (one of the case study ENs)

IPE: Individual Plan for Employment

IWP: Individual Work Plan

MIE: Medical Improvement Expected

MPR: Mathematica Policy Research

MRTW: Modernized Return to Work software

NASI: National Academy of Social Insurance

NPRM: Notice of Proposed Rule Making

OESP: SSA Office of Employment Support Programs

OIM: SSA’s Office of Information Management

PABSS: Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security

P&A: Protection and Advocacy

PC-CDR: Personal Computer Continuing Disability Review software

RSA: Rehabilitation Services Administration

SGA: Substantial Gainful Activity (in 2004 SSA defined this as earnings of $810 per month)

SPI: State Partnership Initiative

SSA: Social Security Administration

SSI: Supplemental Security Income (Title XVI of the Social Security Act)

SSN: Social Security Number

SVRA: State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

TTW: Ticket to Work

TWP: Trial Work Period

WIA: Workforce Improvement Act

WIAP: Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Advisory Panel