Figure IV.1

stacked bar chart ticket mailings 4_1

IV.1: Ticket Mailings by Month - Show a stacked bar chart showing Ticket mailings in Phase 1 states by month from February 2002 to August 2003 and in Phase 2 states from November 2002 to August 2003. The mailings in Phase 1 states started in February 2002 with about 240,000 Tickets, dropped to a low of 1,000 in March, rose sharply to approximately 370,000 in April, reached slightly above 615,000 in May, and hit a high of 750,000 in June 2002. By July, however, the number of Phase 1 Ticket mailings dropped to around 150,000 and remained at that level through October 2002. When the Phase 2 rollout started in November 2002, Ticket mailings in the Phase 1 states dropped to around 40,000, falling to about 20,000 in December and remaining at that level through August 2003. In the Phase 2 states, 300,000 Tickets were initially mailed in November 2002, none were mailed in December, but about 300,000 were mailed in January 2003, hovering at or increasing just slightly above that level through August 2003.

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