Figure IV.2

stacked bar chart 4_2


IV.2: Cumulative Number of Eligible Beneficiaries Sent Tickets - Shows a stacked bar chart showing the number of beneficiaries in Phase 1 and Phase 2 states who were sent Tickets and remained eligible for benefits, February 2002 through August 2003. The number of eligible beneficiaries in Phase 1 states with Tickets rose from below 300,000 in February 2002 to approximately 2,600,000 in November 2002. The number edged up slowly through August 2003, when it was in the neighborhood of 2,700,000. The number of eligible beneficiaries in Phase 2 states who had received Tickets was slightly more than 300,000 in November 2002 and climbed steadily to about 2,400,000 by August 2003.

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