Figure IV.7

two clustered bar charts 4_7


IV.7: First Assignments and Net Deactivations - Consists of two clustered bar charts, one for Phase 1 and one for Phase 2, showing first Ticket assignments and net deactivations by phase from February 2003 to August 2003. In Phase 1, number of first assignments rose and fell erratically. Rising from about 134 in February 2002 to 676 in March and then to a high of 2,028 in August 2002, first assignments dropped markedly to 1,286 in September, jumped to nearly 2,000 in October, and then ranges between 642 and 1,315 range from November to June, with the final observed value being 811 in August 2003. In Phase 2, first assignments rose more steadily, with a sharp but consistent increase from 43 in November 2002 to about 712 in March, and then rising more gradually to just over 1,100 in July and August 2003. Net deactivations were nonexistent or very slight during the 10 observed months for Phase 2, as they were during the early months (February to September 2002) in Phase 1. From October 2002 to May 2003, net deviations for Phase 1 hovered at about 115, dropping slightly to 65 in June and holding steady at that level through August 2003.

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