Ticket to Work Evaluation (January 2006)

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The following acronyms are used throughout this report.

ADL: Activities of daily living

AOI: Adequacy of incentives

AWICs: Area work incentives coordinators

BMI: Body mass index

BPAO: Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach Program

CATI: Computer-assisted telephone interview

CAPI: Computer-assisted personal interview

CPI-W: Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers

CDR: Continuing disability review

COPP: Certification outcomes payment process

DI: Disability Insurance (under Title II of the Social Security Act)

DOL: U.S. Department of Labor

EN: Employment network

EPE: Extended period of disability

IADL: Instrumental activities of daily living

IDMS: Integrated Disability Management System

IWP: Individual work plan

JWOD: Javits Wagner O’Day program

MIE: Medical improvement expected (as determined by SSA)

NBS: National Beneficiary Survey

NPRM: Notice of proposed rule making

OAG: Office of Acquisitions and Grants

PABSS: Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security Program

PSU: Primary sampling unit

RSA: Rehabilitation Services Administration

SGA: Substantial gainful activity

SSA: Social Security Administration

SSI: Supplemental Security Income (Title XVI of the Social Security Act)

SVRA: State vocational rehabilitation agency

TTH: Ticket to Hire

TTW: Ticket to Work

VR: Vocational rehabilitation

WIL: Work incentive liaison