Evaluation of the Ticket to Work Program - Acknowledgments

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This report reflects the combined efforts of many people, only a few of whom are listed as authors. In particular, it reflects the invaluable advice and guidance of our project officer, Paul O’Leary. His perspective on the Ticket to Work (TTW) program, disability policy, and statistical analysis have strengthened the evaluation considerably, as has is careful review of and thoughtful comments on a draft of this report.

At Mathematica, Steve Glazerman provided extremely useful comments on the draft, particularly about estimating the effects of TTW on eligible beneficiaries. Lesley Hildebrand, Miriam Loewenberg, Dawn Phelps, Natalie Justh, and Jacqueline Agufa processed millions and millions of SSA administrative data records in order to provide the evaluation with basic data about beneficiaries’ participation in TTW, the payments they generated for providers, eligibility for benefits and benefit receipt, enrollment in vocational services, and earnings. Jennifer Chunn and Allison Roche (at Cornell) processed data from the National Beneficiary Survey (NBS) to produce the many tables about beneficiaries’ characteristics, attitudes, use of services, and views of TTW. Daryl Hall edited the report, and Sharon Clark led the production effort.

Our data analysis was greatly facilitated by SSA staff, particularly those in the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics within the Office of Policy. They answered our questions and provided guidance about the most appropriate data sets and variables. Several of them also provided data extracts for the evaluation. We would particularly like to acknowledge the assistance provided by Mary Barbour, Michael Cornelius, Linda Epps, Eileen Hull, Jasmin Kakar, Bill Kearns, Lou Koontz, Linda Martin, Patricia McFadden, Randall Miles, Joel Packman, John Saylor, Charlie Scott, Linda Smith, Joe Steffens, Jim Steiner, Bernie Wasiljov, and Michael Zambonato. Mary Naifeh and Jenn Rigger from the Rehabilitation Services Administration were particularly helpful in giving us evaluation data on people who have been served by state vocational rehabilitation agencies before and after the start of TTW.

The evaluation results in this report draw extensively on the Round 1 NBS, which was directed by Susan Mitchell and Julie Ingels at Mathematica. Frank Potter led the team of statisticians who developed the sample for the survey. He also worked with Nuria Diaz to develop the weights and imputations that underlie our analysis of the survey data. Matt Sloan assisted with managing the CAPI effort, and Debra Wright led the data file preparation activity. The Survey Operations Center locating, telephone survey, and field operations staff did an excellent job of locating and interviewing NBS respondents.

SSA staff from the Office of Operations, the Office of Employment Support Programs within the Office of Disability and Income Support Programs, the Office of Systems, and the Office of the Actuary provided detailed comments on a draft of this report. In particular, we want to thank Dan O’Brien, Anthony Murray, Nancy Sciabarrasi, Carol Brenner, Danzell Cutler, Regina Bowden, Desiree Fitzgerald, Peter Kierpiec, Marianne Daley, Sharon Shreet, Linda A. Walker, Barbara Kirchhausen, and Howard Bradley for their thoughtful comments and suggestions.

We want to add a special note of thanks to those individuals who provided the implementation and operational information we used to develop this report, including staff from the SSA central, regional, and field offices; from the Ticket to Work Program Manager; and from the many service providers whose experiences are discussed in this report.

We also want to thank the more than 7,500 beneficiaries who responded to the NBS. We hope that this report and the broader Ticket to Work Evaluation will provide information to improve their lives and the lives of other people with disabilities.

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