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Contract No.: 0600-03-60130
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
MPR Reference No.: 8977


Evaluation of the Ticket to Work Program

Assessment of Post-Rollout Implementation and Early Impacts

May 2007

Craig Thornton*
Gina Livermore**
Thomas Fraker *
David Stapleton **
Bonnie O’Day**
David Wittenburg*
Robert Weathers*
Nanette Goodman**
Tim Silva*
Emily Sama Martin*
Jesse Gregory*
Debra Wright*
Arif Mamun*

Staff from Mathematica Policy Research and its subcontractor the Cornell University Institute for Policy Research produced this report. A single asterisk denotes Mathematica staff, and a double asterisk denotes Cornell staff.

Submitted to:

Social Security Administration
Office of Disability and Income
Support Programs
ITC Building
500 E. Street, SW, 9 th Floor
Washington , DC 20254

Project Officer: Paul O’Leary

Submitted by:

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
600 Maryland Ave., SW, Suite 550
Washington , DC 20024-2512
Telephone: (202) 484-9220
Cornell University Institute for Policy Research
1341 22 nd Street NW
Washington , DC 20037
Telephone: (202) 223-7670

Project Director: Craig Thornton


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