Electronic Signature Rules

A Provider submitting Consultative Examination (CE) reports on the Electronic Records Express website must read and acknowledge the following signature attestation statement:
I am certifying under penalty of perjury, that I have been authorized or contracted by the Disability Determination Services to examine the claimant. The report is accurate. By checking the "I have read and agree to the above" checkbox below, I am certifying that I personally conducted, or personally participated in conducting, the consultative examination and have electronically signed the report contained within.
This statement can also be found on the CE upload website page. Please read it completely and carefully since it is a legally binding clause.

Once you have entered all the information on this page, you must select the I Agree checkbox to complete your submission. Behind the scenes, a text file called the Signature Attestation Document will be created and packaged with the files and information you have submitted. This document will contain the following information:
  • Index information you entered from the request letter
  • The signature attestation statement to which you agreed
  • Your full name - serving as your electronic signature

Important Note
It is illegal and against website policy for a user to delegate the uploading of their Consultative Examination reports, via the Send Consultative Exam Report website function, to staff members. Users interested is delegating this responsibility should consider using the Send CE Report(s) with Scanned Signature website function.

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