Selecting Files

You must complete this step to send files from your computer. To choose a file follow these three steps:
  • Click on the Browse button
  • Navigate through the file selecting dialog
  • Select the file that you wish to be sent

Once you choose a file, the text field next to Browse button will display the name of the file that you have just selected. The content of this text field will vary based on the operating system and browser you are using.

Note: DO NOT EDIT the contents of this text field manually; doing so will cause errors and might delay the processing of this case.

To include more files
Click on the Add Another File button and follow the three steps above to choose another file. You can include up to twenty five (25) files in a single submission. If you need to submit more than twenty five files for a single request, you will have to perform multiple uploads.

To remove a selected file
Click on the Clear File button associated with the file you wish to remove. This is the only way you should remove a file.

Upload size restriction
You can send up to twenty five files in a single upload and the total size of the entire upload (all the files combined) cannot exceed 200MB.

File type restriction
Note that there is a restriction on the type of file that you can select. The accepted file types are clearly specified on the website for each function.

Tips to follow to reduce errors during submission
  • Use only the Browse button to select files
  • Do not manually enter or edit the file name in the text field
  • Remove all password protection on files that you are sending
  • Close the file (from your editor) before selecting it to be sent
  • If you are selecting files from a floppy drive, do not eject the disk during upload
  • If you are selecting files from a network drive, make sure you do not disrupt or disconnect your network drives during upload
  • Do not select shortcuts; since these are not valid files
  • The following characters will make your electronic file name invalid: punctuation marks (commas, semicolons, parentheses, etc.) and symbols (*, %, <, >, |, etc.)

Close this window to return to the application.