Composing a Secure Message

You must be a registered Secure Messaging user to send and receive secure messages.

You can specify recipients (to and cc) in the following ways:
  • Enter a name ("first last" or "last, first") in the respective field and tab off the field. If it is a recognized name, it will be properly formatted; otherwise, it will be left as entered.
  • Select a recipient from the Address List. Click on the Show Address List button to display a list of all the possible recipients. You can use the Search Name field to narrow your choices and click on the Add To or Add Cc buttons to make your selection.
  • Once you've selected or entered the recipients' names, you can click on the Check Names button to validate all the recipients. If there are errors, you will be prompted to correct them.

Click on the Send button to submit your message. Click on the Save button to save your incomplete message to the Drafts folder. If you click on the Cancel button you will lose all the information that you have entered and will be taken back to your Inbox.

Close this window to return to the application.