Electronic Records Express Demo Website

Electronic Records Express Demo Website

Demo Scenarios

(ERE Release 14.2 and ERECA 2.0)

Please select one of the scenarios below to start your demo.

  1. ERE Administrator - an SSA or DDS user that has the ability to create and manage accounts.

  2. Evidence Provider - a user that has the authority to write and submit evidence, and/or CE reports. This may include CE providers, medical evidence support staff, evidence providers, and teachers.

  3. CE Administrator - a user that has a relationship to a provider, and can prepare CE reports, and send the reports to the CE provider for submission.

  4. Appointed Representative - the representative appointed by a claimant to act on his or her behalf in pursuing a claim before the Social Security Administration.

  5. Payment Requestor - a user that has the authority to receive and/or submit electronic payment request documents.

  6. Expert - a Medical or Vocational Expert contracted by ODAR to perform services