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SSA's Performance and Accountability Reports
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SSA's Performance and Accountability Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2002

FY 2002 marks the sixteenth year that SSA has published audited financial statements

SSA's Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2002 incorporates SSA's Annual Performance Report with the agency's audited financial statements to provide full disclosure of SSA's financial and programmatic operations. FY 2002 marks the sixteenth year that SSA has published audited financial statements, the ninth year that SSA has received an unqualified opinion on its financial statements and the eigth year that SSA has consolidated statutorily required financial reporting into a single report.

Highlights of SSA's FY 2002 Performance and Accountability Report include a Ten-Year Summary of Financial Highlights and Management's Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) which consists of five sections:

  • Overview of SSA which discusses SSA's mission, programs and agency organization;
  • Major Issues Facing SSA which discusses current issues with possible impact on future operations;
  • Performance Goals and Results which provides FY 2002 results for key Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) performance indicators;
  • Highlights of SSA's Financial Position which discusses SSA's financial statements and uses of budgetary resources; and
  • Systems and Controls which discusses compliance with various statutes and provides the Commissioner's assurance statement of compliance with provisions of the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act.

The report contains a message from SSA's Commissioner, a message from SSA’s Acting Chief Financial Officer, SSA's audited financial statements, GPRA performance results and supplemental information. It also includes the report on the Audit of SSA's FY 2002 Financial Statements and the Office of Inspector General's Statement on SSA's Major Management Challenges. The online Performance and Accountability Report is divided into the following sections:

Note: SSA's Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2002 is in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. You must have Adobe reader software to the PDF version of the files which are listed below:


FY2002 Report

The full report, SSA's Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2002 is available as one file (17 MB) or you can download the individual sections:

  1. Cover/Commissioner's Message/Table of Contents/Ten-Year Summary of Financial Highlights
  2. SSA's Mission/The Social Security Programs/Agency organization/Major Issues Facing SSA
  3. Performance Goals and Results/Highlights of SSA's Financial Position/Systems and Controls
  4. Chief Financial Officer’s Message/Financial Statements/Footnotes/Schedules to Financial Statements/Required Supplementary Information
  5. Required Supplementary Stewardship Information on Social Insurance
  6. Government Performance and Results Act Performance Results
  7. Supplemental Information
  8. Audit of SSA's Financial Statements Including Independent Accountant's Opinion on SSA's FY 2002 Financial Statements/ Inspector General Statement on SSA's Major Management Challenges/Glossary of Acronyms/List of SSA Management and Board Members

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