SSA’s PAR for FY 2007 incorporates SSA’s Annual Performance Report with the agency’s audited financial statements to provide full disclosure of SSA’s financial and programmatic operations.  FY 2007 marks the twenty-first year that SSA has published audited financial statements and the fourteenth year that SSA has received an unqualified opinion on its financial statements.

The report provides a discussion of SSA’s programs and organization, how SSA benefits the public and Agency challenges.  It also provides an analysis of SSA’s financial position and a discussion of systems and controls.  The PAR includes SSA’s audited financial statements, GPRA performance results and information on anti-fraud activities, user fee charges, improper payments and debt management.  It also includes the report on the Audit of SSA’s FY 2007 Financial Statements and the Office of Inspector General’s Statement on SSA’s Major Management Challenges.  The online Performance and Accountability Report is divided into the following sections:

Note: SSA's FY 2007 PAR is in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. You must have Adobe reader software to view the PDF version of the files, which are listed below:

FY2007 Report