SSA became the first Federal agency to publish its FY 1997 Accountability Report

SSA's Accountability Report for FY 1997 provides full disclosure of SSA's financial and programmatic operations. With its publication on November 21, 1997 -- less than 2 months after the close of the fiscal year -- SSA became the first Federal agency to publish its FY 1997 Accountability Report. FY 1997 marks the eleventh year that SSA has published audited financial statements, the fourth year that SSA has received an unqualified opinion on its financial statements, and the third year that SSA has been authorized by the Office of Management and Budget to streamline and consolidate statutorily required financial reporting into a single Accountability Report.



Highlights of SSA's Accountability Report for FY 1997 include:

  • A discussion of the Social Security Programs and their impact upon the American people;
  • An Overview of SSA which provides a description of SSA's activities, accomplishments, overall financial results and condition, and identifies key program and financial performance measures; and
  • A discussion and analysis by SSA's Acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of emerging workload challenges SSA faces now and in the future.


Note: SSA's Accountability Report for FY 1997 is in Portable Document Format (PDF). You must have Adobe reader software to view these files.

This document was created in 1997, which is prior to the implementation of Section 508 law requiring accessible documents.  If you need an accessible version, please contact us at



FY97 Report

The full report, SSA’s Accountability Report for FY 1997, is available as one file or you can download the individual sections.  The online Accountability Report is divided into the following sections:

  1. Cover/Commissioner's Message/Table of Contents/Ten-Year Summary of Financial Highlights/Foreword
  2. SSA's Mission/The Social Security Programs
  3. Overview of SSA, Part I Agency Profile
  4. Overview of SSA, Part II Agency Goals and Progress in Achieving Goals
  5. Acting CFO's Discussion and Analysis of Emerging Workload Challenges
  6. Deputy CFO's Message/Audited Financial Statements and Notes/Supplemental Schedules to Principal Financial Statements
  7. Financial Accountability
  8. Program and Financial Performance Measures Including Annual GPRA Reporting
  9. Inspector General's Reports Including Independent Accountant's Opinion on SSA's Financial Statements/Glossary