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Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures

Major Systems and Applications

All Others

Office of the Inspector General

President George W. Bush signed the E-Government Act of 2002 (Public Law 107-347, 44 U.S.C. Ch 36) on December 17, 2002.  It became effective on April 17, 2003. Section 208 of the E-Government Act requires that the Office of Management and Budget issue guidance to agencies on implementing the privacy provisions of the E-Government Act. You can find that guidance at The E-Government Act requires agencies to conduct PIAs for their electronic information systems and collections.  Agencies must make these PIAs publicly available.

We have conducted the following PIAs:


Major Systems and Applications


09/08/05 - Accelerated eDib (AeDib)

09/08/05 -Access to Financial Institution Information

09/27/07 -Audit Trail System

09/27/07 -Comprehensive Integrity Review Process

09/28/07 -Death Alert Control and Update System

09/28/07 -Debt Management System

09/08/05 -Digital Audio for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearings

09/27/07 -Earnings Record Maintenance System

01/20/12 -Electronic Wage Reporting (EWR) System

09/08/08 -Enterprise Wide Mainframe & Distributed Network Telecommunications Services System

05/31/11 -e-Authentication

09/08/05 -eVital (Electronic Death Registration)

09/27/07 -Falcon Data Entry System

02/27/07 -Financial Accounting System

09/11/08 -Human Resources Management Information System

09/28/07 -Integrated Client Database System

09/27/07 -Integrated Disability Management System

09/11/08 -LENEL Security Access System

02/17/06 -Medicare Modernization Act

05/31/11 -My Social Security (My SSA)

09/08/05 -Paperless PSC

09/28/07 -Quality Assurance System

09/27/07 -Recovery of Overpayments, Accounting and Reporting System

09/27/07 -Retirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance Accounting System

09/27/07 -Social Security Number Establishment and Correction System

01/16/08 -Social Security Administration Unified Measurement System/Managerial Cost Accountability System

09/27/07 -Supplemental Security Income Record Maintenance System

09/27/07 -Title II System

09/08/05 -Title II Redesign


All Others

01/19/11 -Administrative Law Judge/Public Alleged Misconduct Complaints System

02/04/10 -Appointed Representatives

09/14/06 -Attorney Fee Form 1099–MISC Reporting

11/05/08 -Consent Based Social Security Number Verification System (CBSV)

02/18/10 -Disqualified, Suspended Representatives and Non-Recognized Persons

11/18/09 -Electronic Freedom of Information Act System

11/16/11- iAppeals

02/15/08 -National 800-Number Claims Status

06/09/08 -National 800 Number Employer Verification Automated Telephone Application

10/11/08 -National 800 Number Network Transfer of Voice Data Collection System

04/05/10 -Open Government Citizen Engagement Tool

08/01/12 -Personal Identity Verification/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

07/10/12 -SSA Functional Assessment Study System

11/18/09 -Race Ethnicity Collection System

02/28/07 -Retirement Estimator

07/20/07 -Replacement Social Security Benefit Statement (SSA-1099/1042S) Automated Telephone Application

09/13/11 -Social Media Third-Party Websites and Applications System

07/20/10 -Ticket to Work Secure Provider Portal System

01/19/11 -Benefit Offset National Demonstration

09/08/08 -Third Party Internet Social Security Benefits Application


Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Our OIG has conducted the following PIAs:

01/25/05 -Automated Working Papers System (TeamMate)

01/25/05 -National Investigative Case Management System (NICMS)

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