Arthur J. Altmeyer

still photos of Arthur Altmeyer--from video   In November 1936, during the time he was Acting Chairman of the Social Security Board, Altmeyer gave this newsreel interview to explain the general operation of the new program. This was part of the Board's informational efforts to persuade the nation to sign up for the new Social Security numbers.

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[The presentation takes place in an office-type setting. Chairman Altmeyer is pictured in a close up shot while sitting at a desk. As the music plays, the announcer speaks:]

Announcer: Acting Chairman Altmeyer tells how the Old Age Benefit Plan will operate.

Chairman Altmeyer: A worker will pay one half, and his employer will pay one-half. During the next three years, each will pay one cent on every dollar of the worker’s earnings up to earnings of three thousand dollars a year. The men and women covered by the plan will receive an income for life after age sixty-five, when they are no longer at work. This income will be paid to them by the United States government in monthly checks. These checks will vary in amount from ten dollars to eighty-five dollars a month, depending upon how much the worker earned during the years before he retired.