Operations in the Candler Building 1936-1960

"Then and Now" in the Division of Accounting Operations

On November 9, 1936, the "Baltimore Office of Operations" - part of the Records Division and forerunner of the Division of Accounting Operations - began working on the gigantic task of setting up the recordkeeping system for the newly passed Social Security Act. About 2,500 people were recruited from all over the United States, along with a select group of experts from other government agencies. The primary job was to process the applications for the initial registration which was estimated at 26,000,000.

Much has happened since those early days. Today, we are processing over two and one-half times as many earnings items as we did in 1938. The "wonder machine of 1937," the collator, which matched account numbers and names, has been replaced with an electronic machine that is faster and more accurate. Another "wonder machine of 1937," the posting machine, has been replaced also by the electronic machine. The individual ledger sheets, which at one time provided detailed earnings information on each account, have been replaced by magnetic tapes and microfilms. The "show place" for visitors, the Flexoline File, is now on microfilm and remains as big an attraction to visitors as in the past. These and many other changes are recorded as proof that the division has kept pace with the changing times.

However, none of these changes would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our employees. The men of vision - the employee with the questioning attitude - the supervisor who is interested in improving the operations - the employees who are conscious - all have contributed greatly in improving our operations and keeping our costs low. The fact that our personnel has increased only 35% during the past 20 years while the workloads have more than doubled is a tribute to the employees who have considered their jobs challenging and rewarding and a real public service.

The following pages show pictorially some of the changes that have occurred in our operations during the past 25 years. To the old-timers, we hope that the pictures will bring back pleasant memories. To the newcomers, we hope that the past will provide the key to the future.

Listed below are the names of the 160 people still working in DAO who came to the Division before March 31, 1937. There are many other Department employees who worked in DAO in the early years but later transferred to other Department or Bureau organizations.


Joan K. Brady Joseph Carmody

Joseph L. Fay


Sylvia Berstein
Reuben Bloomquist
Lillian E. Clark
Anna M. Coplin
Philomena B. Demasi
Joseph L. Hanna
John R. Hayes
Layard H. Hughes
Harold Katzenstein
Leila M. Larman
Russell C. Madison
William A. Mahoney
Vera P. Martin
Mary L. McCarthy
Jess M. Miller
Stephen Niesz
Roberto A. Parong
Waldron P. Patch
Lewis Sheild
Henry J. Sprysenski
Lavalle Westerfield
Broadus B. Whitlock
John G. Zour


Andrew Abercrombie
Francis N. Adcock
Virginia Aldridge
Richard Bollinger
Isidor M. Cohen
Miriam Cohen
Ruth W. Cole
Leonard L. Daly
Robert H. Daniels
Lucille S. Daniels
Eutilla Datcher
Solomon Ellison
Sarah C. Epps
Florence Fleishman
Mary E. Fletcher
Jennie Frank
Henry C. Funk
Carrie M. Harry
Virginia L. Hepner
Nettie J. Hickerson
Magdalena B. Hickman
Elba Hill
Lettie J. Howard
Mildred T. Jones
Lenora Kamber
Maurice A. Keller
Robert A. Kern
Mary S. Knoll
Eleanor L. Krause
Martha H. Larkin
Theodore H. Lent
Jacob I. Lerner
Marion R. Malone
Dorothy L. Manuel
Mary D. Marrow
Raymond McCallister
John L. Menton
Paul C. Meyer
Mary E. Meyers
Florence P. O'Donnell
Flossie Ohlhausen
Alcide J. Parent
Leroy P. Parker
Olga G. Phelps
John S. Pugh
Annie S. Reichhardt
Sarahmae Reynolds
Lawrence H. Rude
Alexander A. Sassi
Angela D. Scharr
Bradford B. Schwab
James W. Shaw
Benjamin Smith
Lida F. Sowers
Gussie Strauss
Ralph R. Swain
Alma W. Swindell
John M. Walsh
Myron J. Werba
Minnie H. Williams
Olive M. Wiswell


Charles M. Bartels
Louise H. Denson
James T. Dunn
Harold Goldberg
Paul L. Hollen
Arthur C. Hough
Samuel Hunt
Sophia Kornfeld
Charles McCarthy
Cyrus C. Nupp
James J. O'Beirne
Henry L. Payson


Huston A. Alford
William A. Bauman, Jr.
Llyle Boltinghouse
Eleanor M. Chance
Jack H. Cummins
Howard T. Fetty
Herman E. Fey
George Friedman
James W. Gray
James V. Haggerty
Robert L. Henderson
Grover H. Hitch
Charles H. Horton
Kenneth R. Lee
Hazel F. Levy
Chester H. Lowry
Frank L. McCarthy
Ralph Morgan
Margaret O'Beirne
Charles O'Leary
Roy Rapp
Leo Stermole
Roy Van Aken


Arthur W. Appell
John C. Balls
Clarence E. Clapp
Franklin N. Cowen
Jerome W. Dean, Sr.
Charles W. Everhart
Donald L. Moody
William B. Taylor


Lloyd L. Lawrence Henry Rosso  


Vera Beard
John J. Beran
Harriet E. Brown
Alta T. Cordle
Ruth Cunningham
Hazel M. Douglas
Glen W. Duey
Walter F. Eisel
Myrtle F. Harris
Lena J. Hewitt
Joseph B. Hingely
Edna E. LaPlaute
Clara B. Potter
Marthetta H. Ralls
Alice A Schooley
Linn B. Stavely
Harold C. Witherite
Leon A. Zachary
Zora L. Zimmerman


William L. Wooten Frank McClernan  


Nicholas Bruciak
Victoria H. Kunnecke
John D. Loehr
Thomas E. Marchino
Emery F. Morse
William B. Saunders
John F. Wagenblast

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