Blanche Coll

Blanche Coll in front of bookcase

Blanche Coll was a consultant and historian who spent most of her career in Washington, D. C.

Blanche worked for several agencies of the federal government in a 33-year career, starting in 1946. She is the author of four books and her earlier book, Perspectives in Public Welfare: A History (Washington: Department of Health Education, and Welfare, 1969) viii + 107, has already become a classic in the field. She has authored many articles and biographical essays. Especially noteworthy is her essay "Public Assistance: Reviving the Original Comprehensive Concept of Social Security," in Gerald D. Nash, Noel H. Pugach, and Richard F. Tomasson, eds., Social Security: The First Half Century (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1988).

Ms. Coll died in March 2003 at age 86 while living on Maryland's Eastern Shore.