65th Anniversary- 1995

On August 5, 2000 the Social Security Administration, in partnership with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York, hosted a special commemorative program in honor of the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Act.

The keynote speaker was Social Security Commissioner Kenneth Apfel. Joining Commissioner Apfel on the speaker's platform was Cynthia Koch, Director of the FDR Library; Jim Roosevelt, grandson of the late President; and Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY). Commissioner Apfel said "It's an honor to be here today and to think about these 65 years. We've all been touched by this remarkable man (President Roosevelt) and his program. Social Security has become the most successful program in this nation's history."

A highlight of the program featured a recreation of the signing of the Social Security Act, featuring local FDR impersonator Jonah Triebwasser.

Commissioner Apel, on behalf of the employees of the Social Security Administration, made a gift to the Library of a silver, inscribed trowel--in commemoration of Social Security's 65th anniversary as An American Cornerstone.

FDR home

FDR home

FDR Library

The FDR Presidential Library and Museum

Golden Age singers

The Golden Age Singers provided a musical interlude before the start of the formal remarks.

Apfel at Hyde Park 1

Social Security Commissioner Kenneth Apfel delivering the keynote address at the event.

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