65th Anniversary- 1995

One highlight of the event featured a dramatic reenactment of the signing of the 1935 Social Security Act. An FDR impersonator, Mr. Jonah Triebwasser, gave two dramatic readings from FDR's speeches on Social Security: the full text of President Roosevelt's remarks at the signing of the Act in 1935, and excerpts from a 1938 radio address on Social Security.

Jonah Triebwasser 1

FDR impersonator, Jonah Triebwasser, prepares to begin his performance.

Triebwasser reenactment

"FDR" signs the Social Security Act. Also shown left to right, front row: Brian Coyne and Maureen Coyne with their son Patrick; SSA Deputy Commissioner Paul Barnes; Anna Roosevelt; Commissioner Apfel; Jim Roosevelt; Barbara Kennelly; back row: Ted Van Dyk of the FDR Institute; Cynthia Koch (partially hidden behind Anna Roosevelt; Caroline Hadley (between Anna Roosevelt and Commissioner Apfel); Ann Roosevelt (wife of Jim Roosevelt), partially visible over Commissioner Apfel's left shoulder; Congressman Hinchey; SSA Deputy Commissioner Judy Chesser; SSA Regional Commissioner Bea Disman (partially obscured behind Barbara Kennelly).

Brief video clip of Mr. Triebwasser's reading from FDR's 1938 radio address
(7.0 mg. mpeg format file)

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