Medicare Photos

Truman holding up pens Johnson flipping through pages

President Johnson flips through the pages of the bill as former President Truman displays the signing pens. Photo courtesy of LBJ Presidential Library, A-985-6A.

LBJ shaking hands with Ball and talking to Altmeyer

President Johnson shaking hands with SSA Commissioner Bob Ball and presenting him with a signing pen while he chats with former SSA Commissioner Arthur J. Altmeyer. SSA History Archives.

Larry O'Brien gets pen from Johnson

White House staffer Larry O'Brien gets a signing pen from Johnson. SSA History Archives.

President Johnson talking to Lady Bird

During a lull in the ceremonies, President Johnson turns to talk with the First Lady, as President and Mrs. Truman and Vice President Humphrey look on. In the background at left is Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield (D-MT). SSA History Archives.

Senator Anderson shakes hands with Mrs. Truman

Senator Clinton Anderson (D-NM) shakes hands with Mrs. Truman. SSA History Archives.

Congressman King looks over LBJ's shoulder as he signs

Another color photo of the signing. The white-haired man standing on the left of Johnson is Congressman Cecil B. King (D-CA). To the far right in the picture is Congressman Wilbur Mills (D-AR) who as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee was the most important Congressional figure in passage of the legislation. SSA History Archives.