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1 The National Archives
The primary repository for the federal government's records, including those of the Social Security Administration and its predecessor organizations.
2 Presidential Libraries
Links to all Presidential Libraries, which are respositories for many records related to the history of Social Security.
3 The Library of Congress Digital Collection
The Library of Congress' digital collections is making a major push to place its collections online.
4 Wisconsin State Historical Society
The Wisconsin State Historical Society contains the papers of many important figures in the early history of Social Security.
5 Society for History in the Federal Government
The principal professional organization of federal government historians
6 U.S. Senate History Site
An excellent Internet site for the history of the United States Senate
7 U.S. House History Site
History of the House of Representatives
8 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) History Site
History pages on Medicare and Medicaid from the federal agency that administers these two programs.
9 Department of Labor History Site
History materials regarding programs and organizations of the Department of Labor.