1957-59 Advisory Council


1957-59 Advisory Council
Bios of Council Members


Elliott V. Bell

Editor and Publisher of "Business Week" magazine and Chairman of the Executive Committee, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Inc., New York, New York.

A.B. Columbia University, 1925; LL. D, Bard College, 1950 (Honorary), St. Lawrence University, 1954 (Honorary); Financial Writer, The New York Herald Tribune, 1929; Financial Writer, The New York Times, 1929-39; Economic Advisor to Thomas E. Dewey, 1939-40; Research Consultant to Wendell L. Willkie, 1940; Member, Editorial Board, The New York Times, 1941-42; Superintendent of Banks of the State of New York, 1943-49. Director of: Chase Manhattan Bank, New York Life Insurance Company, New York Telephone Company, Carrier Corporation, American Agricultural Chemical Company, Revere Copper and Brass, Inc., TriContinental Corporation, and McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Inc. Member of: Banking Board of the State of New York; Committee for Economic Development (Research and Policy Committee); University Development Plan Committee, Columbia University; and New York State Pension Commission. Trustee of: Commission on Race and Housing, Fund for the Republic; Vassar College; Teachers' Insurance and Annuity Association (of stock); John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; and Community Service Society of New York. Author of "We Saw It Happen" (with other New York Times correspondents), 1938. First President: New York Financial Writers Association, 1938-39.

Reinhard A. Hohaus

Vice-President and Chief Actuary, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, One Madison Avenue, New York, New York.

A.B. N. Y. State Coll. Tchrs. Albany 1917; With Little Textile Corp., Am. Purchasing Corp. 1919-21; Actuarial Div. Met. Life Ins. Co., N.Y.C. 1921-25; Asst. Actuary, 1925-40; Assoc. actuary, 1940-46; actuary 1946-52; v.p. actuary 1952-53; Chief Actuary, 1953-; Chmn. N. Y. State Comm. on Pensions, 1954--; Served with U.S.N. 1917-19; Fellow Soc. Actuaries (past pres.) Internt'1 Congress actuaries (council). Contrb. articles profl. bus. publs.

Robert A. Hornby

President and Director of Pacific Lighting Corporation, 600 California Street, San Francisco 8, California.

Education, Oakland Polytechnic High School, University of California, Trained as an engineer, Civil Engineer. State of Calif. Certificate 3138. Connected with the utility business since 1921; Dir. of Pacific Lighting Corp. since 1945, and Pres. since 1956; a past Pres. of Pacific Coast Gas Associ.; a Dir. of American Gas Assoc. and member of its executive committee, Chairman of its Public Affairs Committee, member of its Committee of Executives on Taxation, past Chairman of its National Committee on Promotion, Advertising and Research; a Trustee of the Institute of Gas Technology of Chicago, Illinois; a director of Wells Fargo Bank; Trustee of St. Francis Memorial Hospital: Trustee and Vice President, American Enterprise Association, Washington, D.C.; a Director, Third Vice President and Chairman of Industrial Insurance Committee, California State Chamber of Commerce; founder of San Francisco Volunteers for Better Government; member of Budget Committee, United San Francisco Republican Finance Committee.



Joseph W. Childs

Vice-President of the United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America; member of the AFL-CIO Committee on Social Security: URW Bldg., High at Mill Sts., Akron 8, Ohio.

Student publ. schs., Uniontown Pa.; Prodn. employee Gen. Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio plant, 1933-49; pres. 1940, 46-49; mem. gen. exec. bd. Internat. Union Rubber Workers--CIO, 1946-47; gen. v.p. United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America CIO 1949; mem. exec.bd. CIO, 1949-52; CIO member Region V, War Labor Board, Washington, 1944-45; CIO member Region V, W.S.B., Cleveland, 1946; labor mem--Chmn. CIO sect. Washington, 1952. Democratic City Councilman, Akron City Council 1942-43; Mem Mayor's Citizen Finance Comm., Akron, 1949-52; Co-Chmn, Council for Co-op Development, 1951-52. Member, bd. dirs. Chests. and Councils of America, Inc., 1950-52.

Nelson H. Cruikshank

Director, Department of Social Security, AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C.

Labor economist; student Oberlin Coll. 1920-21, A.B. Ohio Wesleyan 1925; B.D. Union Theol. Sem. New York, N.Y. 1929; Dir. Social Service Dept. Brooklyn (N.Y.) Fedn. of Chs., 1931-33; labor education services, government adviser, 1933-42; exec. asst. to labor member National Management Labor Policy Committee, War Manpower Commission, 1943-44; director European Labor div., EGA since Nov. 1950; member of AF of L advisor to President's Council of Econ. Advisers, 1948-50; member of U.S. delegation to First General Assembly of World Health Orgn. Geneva, 1948, Rep. AFL at Econ and Social Council of U.N. Geneva, 1948; member national hospital advisory council of U.S. Public Health Service, 1946-50; dir. social insurance activities AFL, 1953--; Mem.U.S. National Comm. for the U.N. Educational Sci. and Cultural Orgn. (exec. comm.) 1946-50; Nat. Planning Assn. (Mem. Labor comm.) Mem. U.S. delegation to 1st general conference UNESCO Paris, Nov. Dec. 1946. Meet. Seafarer's Internat'l Union. Contbr. Labor and Religious periodicals.

Eric Peterson

General Secretary-Treasurer, International Association of Machinists; member of the AFL-CIO Committee on Social Security Int'l. Association of Machinists, 1300 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C.

As a machinist apprentice joined Internat'l Assn. Machinists, 1913, held various offices in local and dist. lodges until 1929, served as rep. of Grand lodge, 1929-37, became acting gen. vice pres. 1937, gen. vice pres. 1940, apptd.,--to fill unexpired term of gen. sec. treas., 1944, elected gen. sec. treas. 1945. Meet Labor Comm. National Planning Assn.



J. Douglas Brown

Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Economics, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.

A.B. Princeton, 1920, A.M. 1921, PHD, 1928, Litt. D. Rutgers University-1947, Kenyon Coll. 1954; Dir. Industrial relations sect. Princeton University 1926-55; dean of faculty since 1946; Has served in many N.J. and Federal Comms. and adv. comms. 1930; Member of staff of Committee on Economic Security, 1934-5, assisting in development of old-age insurance program. Chairman of Advisory Council on Social Security, 1937-38, which recommended present form of OASI program. Special adviser to Secretary of Treasury on social security, 1939. Member, Advisory Council of Social Security, 1947-48, and of other government committees on social insurance. Member, Mobilization Program Advisory Committee, Office of Defense Mobilization since 1956. Special consultant on manpower, Secretary of War, 1942-45; consultant to Secretary of Labor, 1955; member of other government committees on manpower and employment since 1930.

Malcolm Bryan

President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Prof. economics, U. of Ga., 1925-36; sec. Special Tax Commn. of Ga., 1929; v.p. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 1938-41, 1st v. pres., 1941-46, now pres.; v. chmn. Trust Co. of Ga., 1946-. Mem. econ. bd. Gov's. Fed. Reserve System, 1936-38; mem. Spl. Commn. on Banking and Taxation, U.S. Treasury, 1934; mem. American Technical Staff, Bretton Woods Monetary and Financial Conference, 1944; Mem. Senate Finance Com.'s. Adv. Com. on Social Security, 1947-48. Mem. Economic and Financial Mission to Peru, 1948. President Southern Economic Association, 1942. Editor Southern Economic Journal, October 1933-April 1937.

Arthur F. Burns

Former Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers; now President, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc., New York, N.Y.

A.B., Columbia, 1925, A.M., 1925, Ph.D., 1934; LL.D., Lehigh University, 1952, Brown University, 1956, Dartmouth College, 1956, Oberlin College, 1956; L.H.D., Rutgers, 1955. Instr. economics, Rutgers University, 1927-30, asst. prof., 1930-33, asso. prof., 1933-43, prof., 1943-44; via. lecturer in economics, Columbia, 1941-42, via. prof., 1942-44, became prof. in 1944. Chairman President's Council of Economic Advisers, 1953-56; chmn. Advisory Board on Economic Growth and Stability, 1953-56; chmn. Cabinet Committee on Small Business, 1956. Mem. research staff, National Bureau of Economic Research, since 1930, director research, 1945-53, President, Dec. 1956 --. Mem. council of research, Inst. of World Affairs; mem. bd. dirs., Nat. Bur. of Econ. Research, bd. dirs., Academy of Political Science, research adv. bd., Rutgers U., advisory bd., Dept. of Economics, Princeton U., mem. bd. dir. Nation-Wide Securities Company. Correspondent Institut de Science Economique Appliquee. Fellow Am. Statis. Assn., Econometric Soc., Amer. Acad. of Arts & Sciences; mem. Am. Philos. Soc., Am. Econ. Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, Cosmos Club. Author: Production Trends in the United States since 1870, 1934; Measuring Business Cycles (with W. C. Mitchell), 1946; Economic Research and the Keynesian Thinking of Our Times, 1946; The Frontiers of Economic Knowledge 1954.

Carl H. Fischer

Professor of Insurance, School of Business Administration, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

B.S. Washington (St. Louis) 1923; M.S. Iowa, 1930, PHD (Math) 1932; Special Engineer, Am. Stat. Foundries, Ill., 1923-26; Instruc. Math, Beloit, Colorado, 1926-29; Asst., Iowa, 1929-32; Instruc. Minnesota 1932-33; Special Res. Asst., Northwest Nat. Life Ins. Co. Minneapolis 1933-34. Instruc. Math, Wayne, 1934-37; Asst. Prof. 1937-41; Univ. of Michigan, 1941-45, Assoc. Prof. 1945-50; Prof. Actuarial Math. and Ins. 1950; Consulting Actuary Fel. S. Actuaries; ASA: MAA; A. University, Tchrs. Ins.; Math. Stat. (Secy. Treas. 1939-52); I. Brasileus Actuaries Demography; Mathematics Statistics; Mathematics of life insurance and of investment.

T. Norman Hurd

Professor, Agricultural Economics; Land Economics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

B.S. Michigan State Coll. 1931; PHD. 1936, Cornell; Asst. Prof. of Agriculture Economics, Cornell 1936-42; State Farm Manpower Dir., Albany 1943-45; Asst. Prof. Agricul. Economics. Cornell 1946-48; Prof. 1949-50; Budget Director, Albany 1950-54; Secy. of State Emergency Food Comm. 1947-48; Chairman State Interdept'l. Farm and Food Processing Labor Comm. 1944-50; East Coast Cont'g. Count. of Farm labor, Council State Govts. 1944-50; Mem of State Bd. of Equalization and Assessments since 1950; Member of Am. Farm Eco. Assoc.

R. McAllister Lloyd

Chairman and President, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America, New York

B.A., Harward, 1919; Norton-Hares Ambulance, France, 1917; 2d Lt. Infantry U.S.A., 1918; Squadron A, N.Y. Nat. Guard, 1919-23. Clerk, Nat. City Bank of N.Y., 1919-20; asst. trust officer of N.Y. Trust Co., 1920-30; Asst. v.p. Bank of N.Y., 1930-36, v.p. 1936-45; pres. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Assn. Am. since 1945, churn. since 1947; churn. and pres. College Retirement Equities Fund since 1952; trustee Bowery Savs. Bank; N.Y., Grant Found., N.Y. Hist. Soc., Westminster School, Simsbury, Conn., Am. Geog. Soc. of N.Y.; member N.Y. State Commission on Pensions, 1954-56, N.Y. State Temporary Commission on Educational Finances, 1954-55; churn. Finance Com. Social Science Research Council; member United National Advisory Board on Investments.