The Committee on Economic Security (CES)




II. The Formal Report to the President and Associated Documents

We are republishing here, for only the second time since 1935, the full text of the original Report To The President of the Committee on Economic Security as it was transmitted to the President in January 1935. (Note: the Appendix with its supplemental tables is available as JPEG image files only.)

The basic text of the original CES report to the President was 50 printed pages, with an Appendix containing a list of Committee members and 19 additional tables of data. It is reproduced here in its entirety, along with the Committee's Transmittal Letter to President Roosevelt and the President's Transmittal Letter sending the Report to the Congress.

This is a foundational historical document, the basis of the Social Security Act of 1935 and all the programs that it entailed.
Transmittal Materials

Letter of Transmittal to The President
Cover Letter from the President to the Congress
Basic Report

Body of the Report
Appendix: Members of the Committe, Advisory Boards and Committee Staff



Families and persons receiving emergency relief, continental United States

table 2 Chapter 7

Cases receiving emergency relief, direct work, special programs

table 2 Chapter 7

Obligations incurred for emergency relief from all public funds, by source of funds, January 1933 through November 1934, by months and by quarters

Table 4 page 59

Estimate of unemployment in employments which could be covered by unemployment-insurance plans

Table 5 page 60

States arrayed by average percentage of nonagricultural April 1930; 1933 average; and 1930-33 average

table of data

Countries in which compulsory unemployment insurance laws have been enacted and number of workers covered in each

Table 7 CES report

Countries in which voluntary unemployment insurance laws have been enacted and number of workers covered in each

Table 7 CES report

General provisions of compulsory unemployment insurance laws

Table 9 CES Report

General provisions of voluntary subsidized unemployment insurance laws

Table 10 CES report

Number of older persons gainfully occupied by age and occupation for United States, 1930

Table 11 page 66

Age distribution of United States population by urban and rural for 1920 and 1930

Table 12

Actual and estimated number of persons aged 65 and over compared to total population, 1860 to 2000

Table 13 page 68

Operation of old-age pension laws of the United States, 1934

Table 13 page 68

Principal features of the old-age pension laws of the United States



Table 15a Table 15b
footnotes to Table



Old-age insurance and pension legislation in foreign countries through 1933

Table 16 page 69

Principal provisions of foreign noncontributory old-age pension laws through 1933



Table 17a

Table 17b

footnotes to table 17



Estimated number of families and children receiving mothers' aid and estimated expenditures for this purpose

Table 18 page 71

Funds for State maternal and child health work

Table 19 page 72

General economic statistics


Tabe 20a

Table 20b

Table 20c