Committee on Economic Security

Unpublished CES Studies

pen nib   Volume I.
Unemployment Compensation
There were 10 volumes of unpublished studies produced by the staff of the Committee on Economic Security (CES). This is Volume I, focused on the problem of unemployment.
1 Staff Report on Unemployment Insurance, by Dr. Bryce M. Stewart and Staff.
2 Unemployment Insurance Cost Estimates, by Actuarial and Statistical Staffs.
3 Administration of Unemployment Insurance Reserve Funds, by O. S. Powell and Alan R. Sweezy.
 General Discussions
4 Major Issues in Unemployment Compensation, by Edwin E. Witte.
5 Limitations and Value of Unemployment Insurance, by Edwin E. Witte.
6 BALANCE OF POWER: Federal and State Governments Share in the Suggested Unemployment Compensation Program, by Edwin E. Witte.
7 Some Popular Misconceptions Regarding Unemployment Insurance, by Alexander Holtzoff.
8 Report of the Technical Board on the Major Alternative Plans for the Administration of Unemployment Insurance, by Edwin E. Witte.
Reserve Funds
9 Investment of Reserve Funds, by Ralph B. Harris.
10 Use of Unemployment Insurance Reserves in Combating Deflation, by A. R. Sweezy.
11 State Constitutional Limitations Upon the Custody and Deposit of Public Funds, by George A. Shipman.
12 The Legal Problem of Bringing Unemployment Compensation Funds of Certain States into the Federal Treasury, by Joseph P. Harris.
 Foreign Experience
13 Unemployment Insurance in Foreign Countries, by James Harrington Boyd.
14 The German Plan of Compulsory Unemployment Insurance, by James Harrington Boyd.
15 Unemployment Insurance in Germany, by Jeanne C. Barber.
16 Great Britain Unemployment Insurance Plan, by James Harrington Boyd.
17 Administration of Unemployment Insurance in Great Britain, by Mrs. Maud B. Patten.
18 Unemployment Insurance in Switzerland, by Wilbur J. Cohen.
19 The Canadian Unemployment and Social Insurance Act, by Wilbur J. Cohen.
20 Recognized Unemployment Funds in Sweden, Translation of Royal Decree.
 Industrial and Trade-Union Plans
21 The Stabilization of Employment and Unemployment Compensation, by Constance A. Kiehel.
22 Development, Coverage, and Costs of Voluntary Unemployment Compensation in the United States, by Constance A. Kiehel.
23 The Dismissal Wage, by G. Reginald Crosby.
24 Unemployment Benefit Plans in Operation in the United States, by James Harrington Boyd.
 Discussions of Technical Details.
25 Suitability of Employment Involving Long Separation from Home and Heavy Traveling Expenses, by Olga S. Halsey.
26 Appeal Procedure in the British Act and in American Proposals, by Olga S. Halsey.
27 Trade-Union Rules, Alternative Provisions and "Concessions" Which May Be Used in Trading, by Olga S. Halsey.
28 Suggested Definition of Suitable Employment, Conditions for and Disqualifications from Benefit, by Olga S. Halsey.
29 Definitions of Seasonal Industries, by Olga S. Halsey.
30 Additional Standards Which Might be Provided in a National Act for State Unemployment Insurance, by Joseph P. Harris.
Model State Legislation
31 Summary of the Provisions of the Federal Economic Security Bill Relating to Unemployment Compensation, by the Unemployment Compensation Staff
32 Suggested State Unemployment Compensation Act (with completely pooled fund), by the Economic Security Staff
33 Suggested State Unemployment Compensation Act (with employer reserve accounts and partial pooling), by the Economic Security Staff
34 Actuarial Memorandum on Unemployment Compensation, by the Actuarial Staff
35 Guaranteed Employment (optional provision for possible inclusion in either type of model state unemployment compensation bill), by the Unemployment Compensation Staff
 Papers Written in Support of Unemployment Compensation Plan Included in the Social Security Bill.
36 Brief in Defense of the Unemployment Compensation Provisions of the Social Security Bill, by Joseph P. Harris.
37 Postponement for a Year of the Beginning Date in Title IX, by Edwin E. Witte.
38 Administration of Unemployment Insurance- by Marianne Sakmann