Committee on Economic Security

Unpublished CES Studies

pen nib   Volume II. Old Age Security
There were 10 volumes of unpublished studies produced by the staff of the Committee on Economic Security (CES). This is Volume II, focused on the problem of economic security for the aged.
Old Age Security Staff Report -- Barbara Nachtried Armstrong and Staff

Comments on the Recommendations for Old Age Security -- Actuarial Committee
General Discussions

America's Old Age Problem -- Edwin E. Witte

Old Age Pensions -- Edwin E. Witte
Foreign Systems

British Old Age Pensions and Old Age Insurance -- Olga S. Halsey

Financial History of the Workers' Invalidity, Old Age and Survivors' Insurance of Germany -- Marianne Sakmann

The Functioning of the Government Annuity Act of Canada -- Walter F. Eade

Central Departments Supervising the Administration of Foreign Compulsory Old-Age Insurance Laws, by Martha D. Ring.

Old Age Pension Statistics -- Compiled by Wilbur J. Cohen
Industrial and Trade Union Systems

Industrial Pension Systems -- Murray Latimer

Industrial and Trade Union Pension Systems -- Wilbur J. Cohen

Industrial Age Limitations -- G. Powell Hamilton
Factual Reports

Estimated Costs of Old Age Pensions to the States -- Edwin E. Witte

I.L.O. Draft Convention Compared with Committee Recommendations -- Olga S. Halsey
Legislative Standards

Suggested State Old Age Assistance Legislation to Conform to the Federal Economic Security Bill --The Staff
Papers Written in Support of Old Age Assistance After the Introduction of the Bill into Congress

Statement on Old Age Insurance Provisions -- Murray Latimer

Memorandum on Proposed Amendments Permitting Employers with Private Pension Plans to Contract Out to the Government System -- Murray Latimer

Brief in Defense of Old Age Benefits -- J.P. Harris

Explanation of the Old Age Pension Provisions in the Social Security Bill -- J.P. Harris and Staff

Summary of the Principal Arguments against Permitting Industrial Retirement Systems to Contract Out of the System of State Old Age Benefits -- J.P. Harris

Statement of Probable Costs of Old Age Benefits with or without a System of Federal Old Age Benefits -- J.P. Harris

Central Departments Supervising the Administration of Foreign Compulsory Old Age Insurance Laws -- Martha D. Ring
Townsend Old Age Pension Plan

An Analysis of the McGroarty Bill -- Edwin E. Witte

Factual Data Relating to the Townsend Plan -- Edwin E. Witte

Why the Townsend Plan is Impossible -- Edwin E. Witte

Confused Ideas on Pensions Irk Haney (newspaper article) -- Lewis Haney

Significant Statements of Townsend and his Representatives --

Financial Transactions of the Townsend Organization (quotations from Townsend publications and testimony of representatives)

Methods and Practices: The Biggest Mass Meeting Ever Held in all the World