Appendix K to the report of the 1983 Greenspan Commission on Social Security Reform

Appendix K- List of Tables


2. Past and future OASDI-HI tax rates and taxable earnings bases
3. Growth of OASDI-HI programs, selected years 1940-81 and estimated future operations during CY 1982-86 under Alternatives II-A and II-B.

5. Estimated operations of the OASI, DI, and HI Trust Funds in the short range, Alternatives I, II-A, II-B, and III.

7. Estimated cost rates of the OASDI-HI system under Alternatives II-A, II-B, and III and comparison with tax rates, 1982-2060.

9. Estimated cost of OASDI and HI systems as percent of Gross National Product, 1982-2060.
10. Additional resources required under present law in near term to bring OASDI reserves up to certain levels (trust fund ratios of 15%, 25%, 50%, and 75%) under Alternatives II-B and III.

15. Social Security coverage (includes information on percentage of workers covered, percentage of earnings covered and taxable payroll).

17. Historical comparison of average wage increases and increase in the CPI to Social Security benefit increases.