Greenspan Commission

Appendix D



February 27, 1982

Dear Chairman Greenspan and Commission Members:

As you convene for the first time today, the Nation will be watching with great interest the work and progress of the National Commission on Social Security Reform. As I wrote to you at the time you agreed to serve, I can think of no more important domestic problem requiring resolution than restoring the integrity of Social Security and to do so without penalty to those dependent on the programs.

Every American, of every age, has an important stake in the success of your work. Each of you comes to this Commission from a position in government or the private sector through which you can make possible the successful implementation of a truly bipartisan solution to this great national problem.

This Commission is the product of the leadership of both parties of both houses of the Congress as much as it is mine. Therefore, on behalf of all Americans I wish you success as you begin your deliberations.


Ronald Reagan

Chairman Alan Greenspan
and Members of the National Commission
on Social Security Reform