The 2001 President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security


President presents members of Commission

President Bush introduces the members of his National Commission to Strengthen Social Security, 5/2/01. White House Photo.

Members of the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security

The 16-member Commission consists of eight Republicans and eight Democrats, with a member from each party serving as a co-chair. The co-chairs are former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Richard Parsons, Chief Operating Officer of AOL/Time Warner.

The other members of the Commission include:

Leanne Abdnor (R), Former Executive Director of the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security
Sam Beard (D), Founder and President of Economic Security 2000;
John Cogan (R), Former OMB Deputy Director;
Bill Frenzel (R), Former U.S. Representative;
Estelle James (D), Consultant with the World Bank;
Robert Johnson (D), CEO of Black Entertainment Television;
Gwendolyn King (R), Former Commissioner of Social Security;
Olivia Mitchell (D), Professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School;
Gerry Parsky (R), Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury;
Tim Penny (D), Former U.S. Representative;
Robert Pozen (D), Vice Chairman of Fidelity Investments;
Mario Rodriguez (R), Hispanic Business Roundtable;
Thomas Saving (R), Current Social Security Public Trustee; and
Fidel Vargas (D), Vice President of Reliant Equity Investors.

Group photos of the members

group photo of members and staff

Members of the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security. Seated, left to right: Ms. Estelle James; Mr. Richard D. Parsons; Ms. Lynda J. Blount (Staff); Honorable Daniel Patrick Moynihan; Mr. Robert Johnson. Standing, left to right: Mr. Kent Smetters (Staff); Mr. Andrew Biggs (Staff); Mr. Robert C. Pozen; Ms. Gwendolyn S. King; Mr. Mario Rodrigues; Dr. Thomas Saving; Mr. Bill Frenzel; Mr. Charles Blahous (Executive Director); Mr. Gerald L. Parsky; Mr. Sam Beard; Mr. Fidel Vargas; Ms. Leanne Abdnor; Mr. Tim Penny; Ms. Olivia S. Mitchell; Mr. Jeffrey Brown (Staff); Mr. John Cogan; Mr. Michael Anzick (Designated Federal Official). SSA History Archives.