The 2001 President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security

San Diego Public Hearing Witnesses

Panel 1 ~ The Need For Reform
Bob Bixby, Concord Coalition

Panel 2 ~ Social Security Investment: By Individuals or By the Government?
Kent Weaver, Brookings Institution
John Shoven, Stanford University and Hoover Institution

Panel 3 ~ Social Security Reform and Women
Suzanne Taylor, National Association of Women Business Owners
Eloise Anderson, Claremont Institute
Lisa Maatz, Older Women's League

Panel 4 ~ Public Perspectives
Bob Tilaro
Denise Lawson
Chuck Latimer
James Wittkower
Sally Acosta
Lori Chapin
Robert Prath
Michael Bateman

Panel 5 ~ Other Experiences: At Home and Abroad
Valerie Vandeweghe, Benefits Administrator, City of San Diego
Judge Ray Holbrook, Galveston, Texas
Anita Schwarz, The World Bank

Panel 6 ~ Interested Groups From Across the Political Spectrum
Peter Ferrara, Americans for Tax Reform
David John, Heritage Foundation
Percil Stanford, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
Roger Hickey, Institute for America's Future