Hello, I’m Sean Brown a Team Leader with our Human Resource team.

Hi, I’m Rosie Eischen, District Manager in a local field office and we have exciting news! In the upcoming months, the Social Security Administration will be doing significant hiring!

That’s right. We’re looking for highly skilled, innovative, and people-oriented individuals that reflect the diversity of the public we serve.
As a job recruiter, we are asking you to encourage individuals with these attributes to consider a career with SSA!
Now, Social Security is one of the few federal agencies that has a real presence in towns and cities across the United States and its territories. Our highly qualified workforce is truly our greatest asset!
We are proud to be consistently honored each year among the Top Ten Best Places to Work for large federal agencies!
That’s right. And, with that in mind, let’s hear what some of our current employees have to say about working for the Social Security Administration:
Social Security would be a good fit for individuals who have excellent communications skills. People who are patient and understand the need to treat others with compassion and respect. You also need the ability to work independently, analyzing and solving problems.
From infants, individuals with disabilities, to the elderly, Social Security reaches everyone.  The customers we serve are diverse and so are we.  We are able to relate to people because we’ve had some of the same experiences, we speak the same languages, and that helps us understand their needs.
Comenzando con bebes, personas con alguna incapacidad y personas de edad avanzada, el Seguro Social toca a todo el mundo. Los clientes que servimos son diversos, y nosotros somos también. Podemos establecer una conexión con las personas porque hemos tenido experiencias similares, hablamos los mismo idiomas, y esto nos ayuda a entender sus necesidades.

Working for the Social Security Administration lets me continue to serve the country I love.  I was deployed almost immediately after I finished my initial training.  My manager fully supported me and even sent me through training again when I returned from deployment.  Not many employers would be so understanding.

Social Security touches the lives of many people every day, paying benefits each month to over 60 million individuals.

If you know someone that would be a great fit for our agency, please refer them to www.socialsecurity.gov/careers and have them click on the Search and Apply Now to find opportunities that interest them.
As you can see our employees individual talents ensure the highest standard of considerate and thoughtful service to American families.

Here at Social Security, we invest our energy building and maintaining a highly skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of America: across all generations, genders, races, veterans and individuals with disabilities. 

Please note, we can no longer accept paper resumes.  All interested individuals must go to www.usajobs.gov, setup an account, and upload a detailed resume and supporting documents so they are ready to apply when a job is posted. Can you walk us through the application process?

I’d love to. Let’s go ahead and take a look. First, I’ll start with an introduction of the various entry-level positions available at Social Security; how to qualify for those positions; instructions on how to apply; an overview of our special hiring programs; and pay and benefits.

Before I get started, I want to encourage you to check out the website links and informational sheets that supplement the information present.

Now, Social Security is one of the largest independent agencies in the government with 59,000 employees.  Social Security employees work at more than 1400 field offices, Regional Offices and service centers throughout the country, as well as the Agency Headquarters located in Baltimore, MD. The majority of positions at Social Security involve working directly with the public.

The first two positions I will be going over are located in our field offices.  Field offices are located throughout the country and are open to the public. This is where an individual may go to apply for a replacement social security card or file for disability or retirement benefits.

First is the Service Representative position.  Service Representatives are the face of the agency, and often times, the first individual our customers interact with when contacting SSA. They provide both in-person and telephone assistance to the public on a wide variety of subjects. 

Next is the Claims Representative position. Claims Representatives assist the public in person or by phone to establish entitlement to Social Security benefits.  They obtain, clarify and verify data used to analyze claims and make benefit entitlement decisions.

Another crucial position is our Teleservice Representative.  Teleservice Representatives work in our call centers.  They assist individuals calling our National 800 number on a wide variety of issues, such as processing a change of address or explaining why changes have been made to their social security check.

There are many positions within Social Security that are not located in our field offices or call centers.  Two of these positions are specific to our Processing Service Centers located throughout the country.  Now, unlike our field offices, Processing Centers are not open to the public and individuals in these positions have no face-to-face contact with the customers they serve.

Let’s start with the Benefit Authorizer position, Benefit Authorizers prepare, verify, and maintain our customer’s records and ensure payment accuracy.  These employees work with the public by telephone or mail regarding benefit amounts for various Social Security programs. 

Next is our Claims Taker position.  Claims Takers conduct interviews by phone and review internet applications for entitlement to Social Security benefits.  These employees obtain, clarify, and verify data used to analyze claims and make benefit decisions. 

Individuals with excellent communication, organization, and problem solving skills excel in these public contact positions.

For more information on the positions, we have covered so far; please visit our external careers site at http://www.ssa.gov/careers. Then, click on public contact where you can see these positions in action!

Now, did you know that Social Security is home to the country’s largest administrative law system?  In addition to the jobs at the Processing Service Centers, there are many opportunities for legal support staff in our Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review or ODAR. 

Let’s start with Legal Assistants.  Legal Assistants provide legal and technical support to Administrative Law Judges and other technical and professional positions to process cases.  They are responsible for independently developing and processing requests for hearing cases.

Paralegal Specialists serve as program experts in the determination of Social Security disability and non-disability cases.  They analyze, research, and develop these cases. They also provide technical advice and assistance to the Administrative Law Judges.

Attorney Advisors perform a variety of activities related to hearings and appeals development. They process denials of requests for review, and provide advice and assistance to the Chief Administrative Law Judge.  They also research and develop cases.

Individuals who have the ability to analyze information, work independently, have excellent writing skills and a basic knowledge of medical terminology are a good fit for these positions.

A career with Social Security does not stop with these entry-level positions.  There are opportunities to move into leadership positions including progressively more responsible public contact positions, jobs in the legal field, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, and IT.

Now, how can someone apply for a job with Social Security?  USA Jobs is the federal government’s official career website. It provides job applicants with centralized access to public job openings for all federal agencies. However, I want to share a shortcut with you for finding career opportunities specifically with Social Security.

On our careers site, www.ssa.gov/careers, select the Search and Apply Now button. This will open a list of all current job openings with Social Security. Once the applicant finds a vacancy of interest, they can click on the vacancy for additional details regarding the position. Each job announcement contains information regarding specific duties, qualifications and how to apply.

Before applying for a job opening, the applicant must create a USAJobs account by selecting Create an Account in the upper right-hand corner. Or, applicants can select Apply Online. This will prompt the applicant to sign in or select the Create a New Account link.

After submitting an application, individuals can use the “My Account” section to check their application status. Lastly, the “Saved Search” feature allows users to save the search so they can quickly view career opportunities with social Security. This feature will also send an email alert with additional Social Security vacancies are posted.

Social Security also has hiring programs for veterans, individuals with disabilities and recent graduates. So let’s take a look at these programs.

Veterans who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during specific time periods or military campaigns are entitled to preference over non-veterans in competitive hiring selections.  These individuals should submit documentation of their service, such as a DD-214, with their application.

There are several ways Social Security can hire veterans such as those that you see here. Veterans Recruitment Appointment or VRA, Veterans Employment Opportunity Act. Thirty percent or more disabled veterans and disabled veterans enrolled in a VA training program. Visit www.ssa.gov/careers/vet.html to learn more. Veterans interested in applying for employment under special hiring programs can contact us at chr.ope.veterans.employment@ssa.gov.

People with disabilities may be considered for employment through the competitive hiring process or in some circumstances under a non-competitive hiring authority for individuals with disabilities.

SSA runs a selective placement program to proactively identify and hire qualified individuals with disabilities for our positions. Applicants who may fall under this hiring authority include persons with intellectual disabilities, severe physical disabilities, or psychiatric disabilities. For consideration under the Schedule A hiring authority applicants must send their resume, proof of disability, and a statement of preferred geographic location to the Selective Placement Coordinator within their region. 

We also have an internship program available for current students and a special hiring program for recent graduates under the Pathways Program. The programs require a competitive application, but are limited to current students and those who have recently graduated from an educational institution. Learn more about these opportunities and apply competitively at www.usajobs.gov/studentsandgrads.

Now, here at Social Security we promote and value a healthy balance between job responsibilities and family life for all employees.  We offer flexible work schedules, and leave policies that include at least 13 vacation days, 13 sick days, and 10 Federal Holidays a year.

Social Security also offers an excellent benefits package, including health and life insurance, pension benefits and an optional retirement plan similar to a 401k.

On-going Training is another great benefit of working for us.  We provide a variety of formal and informal training, mentoring, and developmental programs. 

In addition to these benefits, Social Security also offers competitive starting salaries. Employees’ salaries are based on the General Schedule or GS pay scale. 

Thanks Sean that was very helpful.  As you can see, Social Security is a great place to work and build a career!

Absolutely, and we’re looking for individuals that can help us provide the American public with the high quality and professional service they expect and deserve.
If you would like more information about careers with SSA, click on the paperclip.  There you will find a host of references for job descriptions, qualifications, pay & benefits, and more!
Thank you for joining us today.  We hope you use this information to assist your clients in applying for a career with The Social Security Administration.