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Social Security Online
Social Security Update
July 2008

In This Issue:

Social Security's Website has a Brand New Look

Declare Your Independence By Going Online

Not Too Late for Stimulus Payment

I Saved $3,600 on Drug Costs—You Can Too!


Social Security’s Website has a Brand New Look

SSA's HomePage

We’ve redesigned our homepage to make it more welcoming and user-friendly. You’ll find that the new home page has less clutter, is easier to navigate, makes better use of graphics, reduces the need to scroll down and prioritizes items on the page.

Some of the major changes include:

  • Headings at the top of the homepage representing the programs we administer;
  • Placement of prominent links to Filing Online for Retirement Benefits, Applying for Disability Benefits and Requesting a Social Security Card to help reduce the number of unnecessary trips to a local Social Security office;
  • A brief video greeting delivered by one of our Agency employees; and
  • Consolidation of information, services and schedules of payments for those people already receiving benefits.

So view it for yourself and encourage others to visit our new homepage at

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Declare Your Independence By Going Online

People and the American Flag

Social Security’s online services offer people “independence” from the need to visit a local Social Security office. That’s true whether the calendar says July 4 or any other day of the year. 

Anyone ready to retire can save a trip to the office by visiting Or first, they can estimate their benefits at

We’ll walk online visitors through the process of qualifying and applying for disability benefits at Or help them qualify and apply for survivors benefits at

For anyone who has Medicare coverage, they can get a replacement Medicare card by visiting Or learn all about direct deposit—how to set it up or change account info—by visiting

Social Security offers an extensive online library of publications that will save people time and effort. Encourage people to take a look at to see a list.

So spread the word and encourage people to go online at

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Not Too Late for Stimulus Payment

Stimulus Payment

There’s still time for beneficiaries to get an economic stimulus payment from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Some people who receive Social Security benefits don’t normally file a tax return each year because their income is below the taxable allowance. However, such beneficiaries may be eligible for the economic stimulus payments. In order to get the payment, the beneficiaries must complete a tax return, even if they ordinarily would not.

Although the April 15 tax deadline has passed, it’s not too late to file for the stimulus payment. And, if a beneficiary does not have last tax year’s 1099 from Social Security, that’s fine too—just estimate the annual benefit payments based on the monthly payment amount. Then, a check from Uncle Sam may be on its way. Find out more at,,id=177937,00.html.

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I Saved $3,600 on Drug Costs—You Can Too!
Save $3,600 on drug costs!

Spreading the word about the Medicare Prescription Drug Program—and the extra help available through Social Security—is important to us. One of our more recent products created to support our outreach efforts is a publication targeting people who may qualify for the extra help. The theme is “I saved $3,600 on drug costs. You can too!”  

Many people with limited income and resources qualify for these big savings and don’t even know it. To find out if people are eligible, Social Security will need to know their income and the value of their savings, investments and real estate (other than their home). If they are married and living with their spouse, we will need this information for both of them.

With your help, we hope to reach a good number of potential beneficiaries with this publication. You can find a copy at

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