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July 2010
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Social Security Celebrates 75th Anniversary; Commissioner Asks Americans To Share Their Stories

Easier Than Ever To Get An Answer

Life Expectancy Calculator Helps In Retirement Planning

Social Security Joins In Celebration Of ADA's 20th Anniversary

Social Security Celebrates 75th Anniversary; Commissioner Asks Americans To Share Their Stories

Social Security 75th Anniversary logoOn August 14, Social Security – the most important and successful domestic program in our nation’s history – turns 75.

One of the ways we are celebrating is by asking members of the public, as well as current and former employees, to share their personal stories and reflections about how Social Security has touched their lives. 

If you or your clients want to share a personal experience or reflection in writing, please visit In addition, learn more at about how you can submit a video as part of our new contest – How Social Security Has Made a Difference in My Life.

Easier Than Ever To Get An Answer

question markIt’s never been easier to get an answer to a Social Security question. That’s because we recently redesigned our “Frequently Asked Questions.” 

The new page resembles a search engine. Simply type in your question, or some key words, and you’ll get links to quick answers that relate directly to your subject matter. The redesigned page also features a faster response time.  Because it is such a simple page, it’s easy to use even when you’re on the run with your mobile device. 

Try it out now: visit and select the “Have A Question? Find An Answer” box at the right side of the page. Find all the answers you need about Social Security at   

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Life Expectancy Calculator Helps In Retirement Planning

Life Expectancy Calculator Helps In Retirement PlanningWhen your clients are planning for retirement, one important detail to consider is life expectancy. How long a person is expected to live can have a significant effect on the decision of when to retire, and studies indicate that people tend to underestimate how long they are likely to live in retirement.

That’s why Social Security offers a new online Life Expectancy Calculator. The calculator is designed to give a rough estimate of how long a person can be expected to live based on averages.

Learn more about the Life Expectancy Calculator and try it out. It only takes a minute, and you can find it at

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Social Security Joins In Celebration Of ADA’s 20th Anniversary

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) websiteOn July 26, the nation marked the 20th anniversary of landmark civil rights legislation – the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  President Obama issued a proclamation on the anniversary, stating “In honor of and in solidarity with all Americans with disabilities and their loved ones, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ADA, and recommit to build a more just world, free of unnecessary barriers and full of deeper understanding.”

Social Security joins with the nation in observing this occasion, and notes our strong history of helping people with disabilities. We administer two important disability programs that pay over $11 billion per month to more than 12 million people with disabilities. We also offer work incentive programs to people who receive disability benefits but who would like to go to work.  

Learn more about disability benefits at our disability website:

Find out more about Social Security’s work incentives:

Learn more about the ADA:

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