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December 2011

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Patty Duke Applies Online for Social Security and Medicare

Patty DukeAfter years of telling people they can apply online for Social Security in their pajamas, Patty Duke has taken her own advice. Duke, who turned 65 earlier this month, applied online for retirement and Medicare benefits from home at

“I urge my fellow baby boomers to go online to," said Duke. "If you’re not sure how to get started on the computer, ask a loved one to help you out. I did, and it was so easy.”

Watch the YouTube video of Patty Duke applying for benefits at

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Social Security Applicants to “Sign” Release Forms Electronically

""Beginning in April, many people applying for Social Security disability benefits will be able to sign and submit the Authorization to Disclose Information to Social Security (Form SSA-827) form electronically, as the last part of the online process.

Social Security requests more than 15 million medical records each year on behalf of people applying for disability benefits. A signed SSA-827 accompanies each request. By accepting electronically signed forms, medical providers will help their patients’ claims go through faster. On average, this should reduce disability application processing time by nine days per claim.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other applicable laws permit the use of electronic signatures, and Social Security is encouraging medical providers to treat the new electronic signature the same as they would a “wet” signature on the SSA-827.

Learn more about applying for disability benefits online at

Looking Back and Looking Forward

2012 Happy New YearWe’d like to share our 2011 Performance and Accountability Report with you. The report combines the agency's annual performance report with its audited financial statements to provide full disclosure of financial and programmatic operations. It also describes Social Security's programs and organization, and how the agency benefits the public and achieves its mission.

Please look for it at

We look forward to working with you to reach our common goals in 2012. Happy New Year from all of us at Social Security.

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