Annual Trustees Reports provide estimates describing the actuarial status of Social Security's Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Funds under current law. In making these estimates, the Trustees make key demographic assumptions and economic assumptions. The intermediate set of assumptions reflects the Trustees’ best estimates of future experience.

The following downloadable files provide historical and projected period life tables by single year of age, gender, and calendar year for years 1900 through 2095. A period life table represents the historical or projected mortality experience within a given year. Actuarial Study Number 120 provides additional information about this and other mortality concepts. Section IV, which begins on page 3 of that study, contains definitions of life table functions, and also contains a brief discussion of life tables in general. Additionally, definitions specifically related to the columns used in these life tables, can be found here. The interest rate used for calculating the annuity-related values shown in the life tables is the same as the ultimate real interest rate used for the intermediate assumptions.

Downloadable Files — Period Life Tables
(Projected values contained in these files are based on the intermediate assumptions of the 2017 Trustees Report)

In each file, the first column gives the year, the second column gives the age, and the remaining columns are the life table values.

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