Life Tables for the United States Social Security Area 1900-2100

Actuarial Study No. 116

by : Felicitie C. Bell and Michael L. Miller
Long description for Figure 2b

Life expectancy at age 65, by sex and calendar year, based on period life tables (table 6).

Life expectancy on the vertical axis ranges from 10 years to 25 years. Calendar years on the horizontal axis range from 1900 to 2100.

The data are depicted by a solid line. There are two lines one labeled male and the other female. The female line remaines above the male line across the chart. Both lines form a similar pattern, beginning in 1900 at 12.0 years for females and 11.4 years for males, then generally increasing to end in 2100 at 24.3 years for females and 21.4 years for males. From 1900 to 1940, the data produce a very uneven line. From 1940 to 2000, the lines become less spikey and also form the widest gap between the genders. The projected data from 2000 to 2100 form a smooth, gradually ascending pattern.