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Number Date Title Author(s)
159 May 2018 Probability of Death While Pending An Administrative Law Judge Determination  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Jacqueline Walsh, and Bert Kestenbaum
158 June 2016 Human Longevity and Implications for Social Security Actuarial Status  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Karen Glenn, Michael Morris, K. Mark Bye, and Felicitie Bell
157 May 2015 A Brief Comparison of Basic Financial Projections Since 2000  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Alice Wade, Karen Glenn, Robert Weathers, and J. Patrick Skirvin
156 May 2015 Accuracy of Mortality Projections in Trustees Reports  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Alice Wade, Karen Glenn, Michael Morris, Mark Bye
155 July 2014 Replacement Rates For Retirees: What Makes Sense For Planning And Evaluation?  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Michael Clingman, Alice Wade, and Karen Glenn
154 November 2013 Diminishing Effect of the Special Minimum PIA  (PDF) Craig A. Feinstein
153 August 2013 Disabled Worker Allowance Rates: Variation under Changing Economic Conditions  (PDF) Stephen C. Goss, Anthony W. Cheng, Michael L. Miller, and Sven H. Sinclair
152 May 2013 Totalization Agreements and Totalized Benefits  (PDF) Nettie Barrick and Bertram Kestenbaum
151 April 2013 Effects of Unauthorized Immigration on the Actuarial Status of the Social Security Trust Funds  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Alice Wade, J. Patrick Skirvin, Michael Morris, K. Mark Bye, and Danielle Huston
150 January 2013 The Nature and Evolution of Methodologies for Social Security Projections  (PDF) Stephen Goss, Alice Wade, Michael Morris, and Karen Glenn
149 August 2012 Death Termination Experience for DI Disabled Workers and SSI Disabled Adults with HIV-related Impairments, 2002-06  (PDF) Nettie Barrick and Tim Zayatz