Automatic Determinations


The law permits a qualified organization to collect from an individual a monthly fee for expenses incurred in providing services performed as such individual's representative payee. For 2023 the fee is limited to the lesser of (1) 10 percent of the monthly benefit involved, or (2) $52 per month ($97 per month in any case in which the individual is entitled to disability benefits and the Commissioner has determined that payment to the representative payee would serve the interest of the individual because the individual has an alcoholism or drug addiction condition and is incapable of managing such benefits). The dollar fee limits are subject to increase by the cost-of-living adjustment, with the resulting amounts rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Fee limits for 2024
The current $52 amount increases by 3.2 percent to $54 for 2024, and the current $97 amount increases to $100 for 2024.