The Annual Report of the Supplemental Security Income Program, provides comprehensive information on the SSI program in accordance with the mandate in section 231 of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. SSA prepares and delivers this report to the President and Congress on an annual basis. The SSI Report includes:

  • A comprehensive description of the SSI program;
  • 25 year projections of future recipients and program costs;
  • A historical summary of statutory changes to the SSI program;
  • Historical and current data relating to various aspects of the SSI program; and
  • Summaries of any relevant research on the SSI program by SSA or others.

The SSI Report also includes a statement on the SSI program from the Social Security Advisory Board as allowed by the above legislation.

SSI Annual Reports published in 1997-2018

Print versions of the SSI Annual Reports are available for all years and may be requested by filling out our request form . The first SSI Report was published in 1997.