Open Market Oral Purchase Order Clauses and Provisions
(For oral purchases between the Micro-purchase Threshold and the Simplified Acquisition Threshold)

Links to clauses and representations and certifications (reps and certs) that apply to commercial item and non-commercial item open market oral purchases appear below.  SSA contract specialists will identify which set of clauses and reps and certs below apply when requesting oral quotes from vendors. Vendors will be instructed to download, complete, and return the applicable reps and certs as part of their quotes. Vendors are encouraged to review the clauses, which will apply to the oral purchase order. Vendors can view the full texts of the clauses included in Clause Groups One and Two at

Commercial Items  -        Clause Group One (1)        Reps and Certs (1)

Non-Commercial Items -  Clause Group Two (2)        Reps and Certs (2)