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Crowdsourcing and Participation Opportunities

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Online Ideation Regulations
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Federal Register Notices Research, Statistics,
& Policy Analysis
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Other Participation Opportunities

Online Ideation

The links below show examples of the way the public can participate and submit ideas.

Crowdsourcing and Participation Opportunities

One of the objectives of our Open Government Plan 4.1 is to provide you with access to existing channels to participate in the work we do. Public participation enhances government effectiveness and improves the quality of services we provide. We encourage you to share your insight and feedback through any of the avenues below.

Crowdsourcing is the process in which organizations, like Social Security, submit an open call for voluntary assistance from a large group of individuals for online, distributed problem solving. SSA actively engages in public crowdsourcing to inform our future policies and services. Below, you will find several active crowdsourcing communities, where you can share any ideas you currently have.


The Social Security Administration uses GitHub as a repository for open-source code so the public can browse the repositories, make comments, and request features or functionality.

Regulations was launched in January 2003 in order to provide public users access to federal regulatory content. It was implemented and is currently maintained by the eRulemaking Management Office (PMO), whose goal is to enable the public ease of access to participate in a high quality, efficient, and open rulemaking process.

  • - Comment on Social Security’s proposed regulations and regulation changes.

Federal Register Notices

The Office of the Federal Register informs citizens of their rights and obligations, documents the actions of Federal agencies, and provides a forum for public participation in the democratic process. The publications made available through provide access to a wide range of Federal benefits and opportunities for funding and contain comprehensive information about the various activities of the United States Government.

  • Federal Register - Comment on Social Security’s proposed rules, regulations, and notices.

Research, Statistics, & Policy Analysis

The Social Security Administration partners with academic institutions, non-profits, and non-governmental associations to research and evaluate a wide array of topics pertinent to both Social Security retirement and Social Security disability policies. These groups, or consortia, conduct research, prepare policy briefs and working papers, hold periodic meeting, and provide research and training support for young scholars. Below you will find links to information for both groups.

Other Participation Opportunities


The Social Security Administration produces informative, interactive webinars designed to provide the public with useful information on Social Security programs and services in an easily accessible and easily understandable format. Past webinar topics have included retirement planning, online services available for Spanish speakers, and “Social Security 101: What’s In It For Me?,” a webinar aimed to inform college students and young workers about Social Security’s relevance for their generation. There are many more webinars available in the archives linked below.

Social Media