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Data for Medicare Replacement Card

-Applications filed via the Internet-

Last updated on July 18, 2017

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This dataset contains the volume of Internet Medicare Replacement Card (IMRC) applications from fiscal year 2008 onward and is currently available in the following formats:


The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a variety of ways to conduct business with the agency. In the Internet service channel, SSA offers members of the public who receive benefits the opportunity to request a replacement Medicare Card online. As part of our effort to expand and improve Internet services, we monitor usage and satisfaction of existing online options. These datasets provide volumes and customer satisfaction rates for beneficiaries who request a replacement Medicare card using the Internet.


Agency Program Description

The Social Security Administration administers a number of online applications that provide beneficiaries an alternative to visiting the office. One such application is the Internet Medicare Replacement Card.  In order to use the Medicare Replacement Card application, a beneficiary must be receiving Medicare benefits. Once the online application is completed, SSA will mail a replacement card to the beneficiary in about 30 days.  If the beneficiary has moved and has not reported this to SSA, he/she will need to report this change before the replacement card application is processed.  The first dataset, described below, provides the volumes of requests for Internet Replacement Medicare Cards.

We periodically ask users of our Internet services their opinions about how they would rate their experience.  The second dataset (described below) reports on the results of a survey conducted to gather satisfaction ratings from customers.  With a 93 percent E/VG/G rating, Internet Medicare Replacement Card responders were highly satisfied with their overall experience requesting a replacement Medicare card.  

Volume of Requests for Internet Medicare Replacement Cards

Dataset Description

This dataset provides monthly volumes at the national level from federal fiscal year 2008 onwards for Internet Medicare Replacement Card.

Federal Fiscal Year Field A
Month(by District Office Workload Report Month) Field B
Internet Social Security Medicare Replacement Card Applications Field C
Comments Field D

The dataset includes only Internet Medicare Replacement Card transactions. It should be noted that, in addition to using our online Internet Medicare Replacement Card application, the public might request a replacement card by calling our 800 number, visiting a field office, or mailing us the request. This dataset pertains only to the online alternative.

Data Collection Description

We get internet front-end activity counts from SSA's Online Medicare Replacement Card Application. We capture the transactions when public users access the application. We store the transactions nightly in the Electronic Services Operational Data Store (ODS). The next day we take the data from the ODS and store it in the Data Warehouse.

Data Dictionary

Field A: Federal Fiscal Year, a federal fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30.

Field B: Month (by District Office Workload Reporting Month), the reporting month  indicates the month the data was produced. Reporting months are administratively set reporting periods and do not necessarily correspond exactly to calendar months.

Field C: Internet Social Security Medicare Replacement Card Applications, indicates the number of Medicare replacement card applications submitted via the Internet.

Field D: Comments, includes information about a particular month’s data collection and/or reporting.  

Satisfaction with Service for Internet Medicare Replacement Cards

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This dataset contains overall opinion of Online Service for Internet Medicare Replacement Card and is currently available in the following formats:


Dataset Description
This dataset provides results at the national level from a 2014 survey of Internet Medicare Replacement Card customers.

Satisfaction Rating Field A
Percentage Field B

Data Collection Description

We conducted the Internet Report Card iRequest Survey by mail between April and June 2014 using a brief scannable “report card” style questionnaire.  The survey methodology included sending a pre-notice postcard, an initial questionnaire, and one follow-up questionnaire.  We mailed the questionnaires shortly after the customer used the online application to try to ensure a clear recollection of the experience. The sample in the iRequest Survey segment contained just over 2,200 records drawn from files of successful users.  There were 792 responders from the iMRC sample. 

Data Dictionary

Field A: Satisfaction rating, broken out by satisfied (excellent, very good, and good) and not satisfied (fair, poor, and very poor) as reported by customers in our survey.

Field B: Percentage, the percentage of responders in our survey who rated the service for the Internet Medicare Replacement Card at a particular level.