Geospatial Map Tutorial

Thank you for exploring our Geospatial maps. The Questions and Answers (Q+As) found below are based on feedback from our employees and the public!

For an optimal user experience, our maps work best in Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are an SSA employee using Internet Explorer 11, please refer to the instructions below to set up your browser for the best user experience.

Please feel free to send us any additional questions or comments you may have on our Geospatial Maps to:

Opening Maps in IE 11

Internet Explorer IE 11 users will need to perform the following steps to access the navigation to our Geomaps. Verify that you have administration rights to your computer before beginning.

  1. Go to TOOLS in the Internet Explorer IE 11 menu.

  2. Click on INTERNET OPTIONS selection.

  3. Click on SITES.

  4. Click on ADVANCED.

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Internet Options pop-up window

  5. Add to the Website list

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Trusted Sites pop-up window

  6. Click CLOSE.

  7. Refresh the map page to begin.

Opening Maps in Chrome

Look for the CLICK HERE option. This will open the navigation controls for the map. You will get a dialogue box with an external link disclaimer language. To use our map, you will need to select, Click OK to continue.

Open Government Map Gallery page

How Can I Move Around in the Map?

You can begin exploring the map using the navigation tools, located at the top of the map. There you will find the (+), (home), (-), and (base map) buttons:

Map navigation tools

  • Use the (+) or (-) navigation keys to zoom in, or zoom out on the map

    zoom in and zoom out map tools

  • Select the (home) button to revert the map back to the original size

    home map tool to revert map to original size
  • Click on the (base map) button to change the view of your map (e.g. terrain view, street view)

    base map button which allows you to change the view of your map

You can also use your mouse wheel to zoom-in and zoom-out.

Feel free to click away and explore, and rest assured that you cannot make any permanent changes to the map!

How Do I Use the Search Feature?

Searching Your Town and State

  • To locate your nearest Social Security office use the Search Bar at the top right hand corner of the screen.

    Map View before Zooming In

    AIAN map screenshot

    Map View after Zooming In

    AIAN map zoomed in

  • In the Search Bar, type in your town and state, and select the ENTER key. After you submit your city and state, the map will automatically zoom-in on the city and state you submitted in the search field. Refer to the map legend, for the symbols used in each map.

  • If no symbols on the map appear, you may need to use your mouse to zoom in or out to see the map symbols. Click on any of our symbols on the map to get information on the data you selected.

How Can I Get More Detailed Map Information?

Click on any symbol on the map to reveal a pop-up box with additional information regarding that feature.

example of symbol click-action on map

Pop-up with Additional Information Box

Map additional information box

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