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Social Security’s Top Ten Baby Names of 2018


See the video below about the top 10 most popular baby names from Social Security card applications during 2018. If you would like detailed information regarding other names, visit Popular Baby Names.

National Disability Forum Video
Acquiring and Using Electronic Medical Records


On August 22, 2018, SSA used the Livestream platform for the first time during our National Disability Forums (NDF). This allowed our participants across the nation to watch the NDF live. To view the recording, click below.

Acquiring and Using Electronic Medical Records

How to Post on
Listing and Managing Federal Prize Competitions

Posted: is a Federal site sponsored by DigitalGov. It enables government agencies to posts challenges/competitions. Within a challenge competition, a “seeker” poses a problem or question to the public and “solvers” respond and submit solutions.

Please watch the video at "How to Post on Listing and Managing Federal Prize Competitions".

To learn more, go to How Works.

Social Security: What's in it for You?


Collage of young workers and college students

Today, we are proud to announce the newly revised version of this webinar for 2013! Social Security hosted a webinar for college students and young workers, called “Social Security 101: What’s in it for me?” that originally aired on March 10th, 2011. Participants learned answers to questions like “what’s that FICA tax that comes out of my paycheck?,” “how can Social Security help me at my age?” and “why should I worry about planning for retirement now?” Following the presentation, the audience had an opportunity to pose additional questions during an interactive session.

Social Security Announces "How Social Security Has Made a Difference in My Life" Video Contest Winner


Congratulations to Erica Solway, Lindsay Trapnell, Laura Hunt, Alex Butterwick, and Kate Schriver, whose video, "Social Security: Real Stories," has won our "How Social Security Has Made a Difference in My Life" video contest!

The deadline to submit videos has now passed. The purpose of the contest was to document stories of how Social Security makes a difference in the lives of Americans. As Social Security turned 75 this year we encouraged you to help share your story with us and the world.

Thank you to all who participated and enjoy the winning video!